Walk by Faith


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journeyFor we walk by faith, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7

Everyone is unique. Each one of us is an individual with special talents and skills each one different. Some people perform better than others. Some people make more money. Some people make more friends. Some people are shy, while others are outgoing.  Some people are more spiritual, some are more material. Some people can see, hear and feel God moving in their lives, others walk in faith. It doesn’t make one right and one wrong.  It just makes us unique.

You are who you are … and I am who I am !

Not everything is black and white. Walking by sight and believing only what you can see robs you of spiritual peace. Only by walking in faith, by believing in yourself and your god given talents do you become spiritually awake. Only by walking in faith and believing in the world within you, the world where God resides, will you find joy. Money does not define you. The stuff you have or don’t have does not make you better or worse than someone else. Your individuality is what makes you special, relish it!

When you stop trying to please everyone, when you stop trying to keep up with everyone, when you stop believing that you deserve to have the same things that someone else has, stress and anger disappears. Many times money and “stuff” comes with a price. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Live your life by looking on the inside, not at what is on the outside. Be accepting and loving of yourself. Take care of yourself and take the time to be “me minded”. Enjoy today and rejoice in the good things that are happening in your life right now.  Take time to try and reach out and discover the spiritual side of life and become your own best friend.

Life is also about reaching out to others, treating them with love and respect. Praise people with your actions and words. Celebrate their successes along with them, instead of being upset that it wasn’t you. Console your family and friends when things go wrong, offer words of encouragement and lend a helping hand.  Have faith that God has a plan for you and that everything that happens to you, weather good or bad, is leading and guiding you in the direction of your destiny. Enjoy the journey and —

Walk by faith, not by sight.

Sweet Sun-kissed Heather


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Sweet Sun-kissed Heather
by Sally Green

Amid sunrise skies
Painted pale and pink.
It’s time for a change;
it’s time to rethink…

Reflecting and pondering,
falling apart at the seams,
Where am I going?
What are my dreams?

Can I take a small step
in the direction I choose?
Sitting under a sky now
that’s lavender blue

Am I ready to change?
Am I on the right path?
Ask God for a sign
to engage in each task.

Amid sunset skies
of sweet sun-kissed heather,
There’s a penny from heaven,
And a little white feather.

The entire house


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Sometimes we struggle in life because we need to be in control – we find it difficult to let go and let God!

Are you giving Jesus access to all areas of your life, or do you still feel to need to hold on to certain parts?

Do you pray and think about God on Sunday, but not the rest of the week?

Are you struggling in some area of your life and wondering where God is?

jesus knocking

Jesus knocking on door

I’ll tell you that I write and research and there’s always something I need to hear too – this story is one of them.

A man had a 2-story house. One day, he heard a knocking, opened the door, and found Jesus there, so he invited Him to live in his house but only gave Him one room on the top floor. One night the man was sleeping and heard a pounding on the door, he opened the door a crack and the devil barged in. He had a terrible fight, trying to resist the devil and his temptations, yelling out for help all the time. Eventually, he managed to throw the devil out. In the morning, he went upstairs to Jesus’s room and said, “Why didn’t you help me last night? Couldn’t you hear me calling for help?” Jesus: “The problem is, you’ve got this whole big house to yourself, and you only gave access to this one room.  “Ok, I see your point.” The man replied, “You know what – You can have the whole top floor, and I need to keep the bottom floor for myself.” A few nights later the man was sleeping and heard a pounding on the door, opened the door a crack and the devil barged in again. They had another terrible fight, the man was trying desperately to resist the devil and his temptations, yelling out for help all the time. Eventually, he managed to throw the devil out.  The next the morning, he went upstairs to find Jesus, “Why didn’t you help me last night? Couldn’t you hear me calling for help?” Jesus told him “The problem is, I have the top floor, but you still have the bottom floor to yourself.” Finally the man said, “From now on, the whole house is yours.” That night, the man was asleep, and there was a pounding at the door again. This time Jesus went to the door, opened it wide, and stood in the doorway. The devil took one look at Him, bowed very low and said, “I’m sorry, but I think I knocked on the wrong door.”

Sometimes it’s hard to have faith and believe that God will turn things around.

But changing your mind and inviting Jesus into your house – your entire house –will bring you peace and joy and you will discover that you are never alone.




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Written for my daughter by Sally Green


wink smilyOur song played on the radio,
after I had talked to you.
A simple prayer for help,
has increased revenue.

Thinking about your grandma,
a penny just appeared.
A shooting star reminded me
of the memories we shared.

And what about that rainbow,
on the day that you turned nine?
And bumping in to Uncle Chris
while in the grocery line.

Whenever these things happen,
I ask, “What are the odds”?
Is it merely a coincidence?
Could it be a wink from God?

You are more


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I haven’t posted here in quite a while, but I have been writing.
Today I wrote something and felt like it needed to be shared.

I hope you enjoy it.




Darkness disappears when light appears.
Battles are won by taking consistent steps in the direction of your goal.
Plan the life you want.
Love the life you have.
Trust that God will lead you.
So you will know when to surrender,
and when to forge ahead full speed.

A new day dawns, with new possibilities.
A new beginning,
A new start,
Never too late,
Never too soon,
Right now is the time to move,
to shake things up,
To become,
to design your life,
and be,
and live,
and face your struggles head on,
and know that you are more.

More than your problems,
More than your body,
More than your finances,
More than your relationships,
More than your illness.

You are more!
Your day has come,
and it is now.
This is the only day you have.
So learn,
and love,
and quit complaining.
and do,
and be the person on the inside,
that is screaming to live life.
that is desperately desiring to burst forward
into the world.

You were meant to conquer.
Struggles are everywhere you look.
Problems arise at the most inopportune time,
but you are more.
Do not say, “woe is me”.
Today there is no time for a pity party.
Today you can shine your light,
and face the darkness,
because you have a powerful force within your grasp.
You possess light of God’s grace,
And the light of love,
And the light of kindness.

So show up today,
Conquer the world,
You are,
I am,
a child of God.
and we are more.

Isaiah 43:18-19
“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.


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