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I have put together an e-booklet with some of the poetry
I have written and I would love for you to have it.


My FREE Gift to you …


to receive your Copy

 Some of the poems have never been published before

Poems Include:

Angels Beside Me
Sunrise Dreams
Lord of All
Tree of Life
Cleaning Up
Let it Go


IF …


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Don’t be too serious, have fun and enjoy the good things in life.
I had fun writing this poem, I hope you enjoy it –  It’s called “IF”Coffee__Wine

IF …

If fresh flowers bloomed in my garden all year,
If I could make a wish and you would appear,
If I could eat what I want and never get fat,
If a kitten would never become a cat,

If I could exercise once and be fit and lean,
If my kitchen and bathroom would keep itself clean,
If I could stay up late without falling asleep,
If my mug full of coffee was six feet deep,

If my laundry would wash and fold itself,
If chocolate kept appearing upon my shelf,
If thinking of you would make the sun shine,
If my bathtub was filled with bottles of wine ….

Now THAT would make me happy!


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