Sally’s Welcome Blog

I am the Sunday School Superintendant at Lordship Community Church and web administrator. 

One of the things I have prayed for … concerning our church is that God’s glory would fill our church from the foundation to the steeple top.  I prayed that everyone who entered our church building would feel God’s presence and know that they are loved and welcome. 

I truly believe, that with Pastor Mary in place …. God has answered my prayer.  Our church is growing, learning, sharing, praying and enjoying God’s grace. 

Here is the prayer I posted on this website as we were searching for our new pastor…

We pray that your spirit will enter our church, not only the hearts and souls of the individuals attending, but that your spirit will fill the church building from the foundation to the steeple top.

We pray for our search committee as they search for a new pastor.  And, we pray for our new pastor, that you will help us find them, and that they will be a spark to ignite and renew our faith in you and fill our church with your grace.

We pray for the parsonage, that the construction and building process runs smoothly.

We pray for our church family and others.

We pray for those, who are ill, grieving, or need support, that you will heal their bodies, and touch their souls.

We pray for those who feel overwhelmed and stressed in today’s world, that they will find peace and be able to slow down enough to hear your voice.

We pray for the elderly, that you will surround them with your loving light of health and protection.

We pray for the youth and teens, that they will see your face, find your word, and search for your presence in their life.

We praise you lord for your blessings and for our church home. 


We will be adding a new “minister of music” this week and I am excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to see what God has in store for our little church on the shore.

If you are thinking about visiting our church, NOW… would be a wonderful time to do so.  I would love to meet you, I can usually be found in the Sunday School classroom…or with a coffee in my hand after church. 


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