Feeling overwhelmed?

Nehemiah must have felt overwhelmed when God told him to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. He had no idea how he was going to do it.  He wasn’t even living anywhere near Jerusalem, but he knew he had to do something and eventually he did and he revived the city and it’s people.

Can we learn from Nehemiah when we’re feeling overwhelmed in todays world?  Let’s look at the steps he took:  Nehemiah knew he had a large and difficult task ahead of him.  So he prayed and asked God for success not just for him but for the people of Jerusalem too.  Some people might worry that such a prayer encourages selfishness, but Nehemiah’s prayer gave him exactly what he asked for.  The next thing Nehemiah did was to use his connections to get started—he asked the king for safe passage to Jerusalem and for financial support. Then, Nehemiah surrounded himself with people who shared his vision and also wanted to rebuild the city.  He knew he couldn’t do it all himself.  Nehemiah didn’t listen when his critics mocked him.  Nehemiah’s task would have remained overwhelming if he had tried to do everything himself.  But he didn’t…he took the strength from God, he found people with resources, he got others to help him share the workload, and he turned a deaf ear to critics.  What can you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed??


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