Ask for your blessings.

A man had died and gone to heaven, as St. Peater was showing him around the streets of heaven, he pointed out all the beautiful and large buildings.

When they were passing one particularly large and beautiful building, Peter surprisingly went silent. He seemed in a hurry to get past it. “What’s in that building” the man wanted to know. “You don’t want to know” said Peter. The man persisted “Please, show me the building.” “OK,” said Peter, “but you’re not going to like it.”

 When they entered the building there were endless rows of shelves from floor to ceiling. The shelves were filled with box after box. “What is in the boxes?” the man asked “The boxes are filled with blessings that God prepared for you that you never asked for.” Peter replied. (this story is adapted from the book “The Gate of Beautiful”)

What blessings has God prepared for you and you’re too tired, too lazy, too busy, or just forgot to ask for? Sometimes what we’re asking God for is not the same as what he has prepared for us. We must listen to that small voice inside, trust that God knows what’s best, and prepare to receive his blessings. Jesus is our shephard and we are his sheep, are you willing to follow him even though it may be scary, hard, and tiring at times…but truly…the rewards are plentiful.


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