Be careful what you pray for…

One of the things I”ve been saying in my prayers is “God please help me to lose weight so that I look good, feel better, and have more energy.”  And then I go on my merry way…eating what I like, working out when it’s convenient, and taking naps when I can.  I was really hoping that God would just use his magical powers and my appetite would decrease, my energy would increase and without doing much at all the pounds would magically come off each night when I slept and I would wake up one day and be the ideal weight.  That was how I wanted God to answer my prayer.

But I realized this weekend that God has his own way of answering our prayers and sometimes it’s not fun or easy.  This weekend I went to a softball fundraiser and purchased a raffle ticket.  They had gift cards to hair dressers, a cheesecake, a smores basket, bottles of wine, etc.  So guess what I won???

I won four weeks at the “Physically Fit Bootcamp” where they kick your butt for 50 minutes twice a week and get you into shape.  Anything with bootcamp in the title sounds like it’s gonna hurt.   Are you kidding me God!  I wanted to lose weight and get into shape, but I really didn’t want to have to work at it.

You know… God always amazes me.  Wish me luck!!!  I’ll keep you posted.


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