Bootcamp and thinking…

I went to my second bootcamp class this morning, and I’ve been thinking about thinking.  🙂  How what I think affects what I do — my thoughts affect what I feel, what I see, how I act, what I eat.  Only by changing the way I think about myself will I be able to change the way I look, and the way I feel.  I believe it all begins and ends in the mind.  Jesus said  “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

Could it really that easy?  Sometimes it’s hard to believe you can do something.  Changing your thinking isn’t easy, you really have to work at it.  But if you do it little by little you may just see results.  And the nice thing is that it doesn’t cost any money to change your way of thinking.  So what do you have to lose?? except for a little time.

Saying affirmations may seem ridiculous to you because they are so far fetched, but if you begin to believe them and they become part of your thinking, something wonderful just might happen.   So go ahead and give it a try with me.   You can do this in any area of your life; financial, health, spiritual, relationships, etc.

Do you believe your thoughts can change your world??


2 responses

  1. Of course it is that easy, but we humans seem to WANT to make it more complicated. I was once told some amazing words that I endeavor to live each day by: “If I CANNOT see how God can help me in any given situation, then I am certainly over-complicating the situation.”
    It is that simple. God took the complications out of life when he sent his son Jesus Christ to live, teach and die for us. As soon as we all get on board with that, the better. If we continue to dwell on the past, the negatives, the small picture….even God cannot help us.
    But what if we all stopped and embraced the truths in the Word of God and applied just one a day….just think of the deliverance. Never underestimate the power of just one positive thought. It doesn’t take a huge amount of people or even a huge amount of positive thinking all the time to effect change. Change usually starts with one thought in the mind of one man who spreads it around.
    What is your one thought for the day? There are thousands in the Word to pick from….no excuses are acceptable. Even a child can do it.
    Any thoughts?

  2. I’ve been studying the law of attraction and the secret for quite a while now and that is what it’s all about. Whatever you think is true IS. If you think you’re successful, then you’re successful. And when successful things happen in your life you celebrate it. If you think you’re a failure, then you are! And you tend to focus on the bad things that are happening in your life. In the same way, if you believe you are blessed, then you’re blessed … if you believe that bad things always happen to you, then they will! The key is not to dwell on the negative, and focus on the positive. Thanking God for the small things, celebrating achievements, noticing the little changes and letting the other stuff go.

    So that’s my uplifting message for today 🙂
    My thought for today is: I’d really like to relax on my deck with a glass of wine. . . gotta go.

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