Doing the work

The time that we learn and grow is when we’re working, moving, and doing … not when we’re doing nothing. When we’re faced with a challenge in life and we need to step up and face it head on. This is the time we grow as a person. We do not grow in the easy times – that’s the time for enjoying your hard work — But you must do the work to enjoy the fruit. Gardener’s know that you need to weed, water, fertilize, and take care of your plants in order to have beautiful flowers or vegetables. In order to have a house or living area that’s neat and clean – you need to do the work – cleaning and dusting. Polishing and putting away. Only after the work is done can you sit back and enjoy a clean house. In order to enjoy life, you must not be afraid of difficult situations – but be challenged by them. Because it is during the difficult times, when you step forward and do the work, that you grow. Then afterwards, you can “enjoy” the beauty of the plan that God has put in motion for your life.


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