The Glory forever

Soaring_Eagle_2He is the kingdom and the power and the GLORY forever…
When we ask God to come into our life,
we need to allow his spirit to enter in.
You can ask all you want but you need to allow him in.
When you do this, the glory of God touches your heart…
and you feel it.
God speaks to your heart,
he touches your soul,
he transforms your life.
Nothing anyone can say,
Nothing anyone can do to you,
will keep you from receiving his glory.
When God touches your heart,
when you allow Jesus into your soul,
the holy spirit will transform your life,
you will no longer be the same person you once were.
You will feel different,
you will act different,
Nothing will be the same.
You will enjoy life,
enjoy people, enjoy nature.
You will see things you never noticed before.
Water will taste better,
The sun will shine brighter,
Songs will sound sweeter,
Love will feel deeper.
Don’t ever feel that your work is in vein,
God loves you and has chosen you because
you are willing to open your heart and listen to him speak.
The love of God is beyond any joy you will ever feel.
Allow God’s spirit to enter in,
you hold the key.

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