Spiritual journey

Happiness, Peace and Joy are not something you can buy, own, receive from others,  or expect to receive from doing something or being someone   … it is a spiritual experience and the reward for living every minute with gratitude & love.

Be joyful when you read the word of the lord,

For the lord will guide you in the right direction.

Be diligent in your prayers,

Be encouraging to others.

Find a purpose, embrace a cause,

Uncover something that brings you joy.

Heartache and disappointment are a part of life.

You need to know how to turn your heartaches around.

You must find some positive power in the disappointments of life.

Looking for the good, will help you overcome the bad.

Loving people will help you overcome hate.

Smiling when there is nothing to smile about, will help overcome sadness.

Seek joy in the little things in life,

Wonder at a sunset, ponder on the stars,

Enjoy a rainstorm, Embrace the thunder.

Know that you are loved from above,

And that you can do all things

through God who gives you strength.


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