Deal or no Deal

This is something I wrote while I was studying prayer and psalms.

I had it on my blog last year, but I wanted to share it again.  Hope you enjoy it. I call it deal or no deal…

I have a book, and each day I write down my sins. Every day, every month, every year the book has been getting bigger and bigger. If I tried to carry it, I would not be able to stand. Therefore, I drag it along behind me. Sometimes I open it up to review my sins with a quart of ice cream and some tissues. The burden is getting more than I can bear. Yet, this is my life. I have created this book and I deserve to live with this heavy load.

One day a voice called out wanting to buy the book from me. I could not understand why anyone would want my book. How much would I have to pay to take it away? I certainly did not have that amount of money. What would I need to do? I heard the voice again. “This transaction will benefit both of us. It will not always be easy. I will take your book as it is today and all future pages. In return you will pray, listen when I call you, tell others about me, and read this little black book that I am giving you to replace the one I am taking. Do we have a deal or not??”


One response

  1. Amazing how many people will give over their “book” of sins but continue to live like they still have it like a ball and chain on their necks. Such a huge weight lifted from my heart when I was a mere 21 years of age….have never looked back once. The naysayers have all come and gone for centuries now yet no one remembers much about them. The thing that has stood all this time is God, his son Jesus Christ, and His Word. May we all dare to live it. By way of Jesus Christ, God has lovingly rescued us out of certain death and continues to revive and shape mens’ and womens’ hearts and lives with his simplicity in love….it is the only thing that changes anybody….not criticism.

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