Time Travel

Many people think of time travel as being able to go back in time or traveling to the future.  But… what if you imagined your future and the way you want it to be and then traveled back in time to the present moment to make decisions about and concerning your life?

When you look into the future do you imagine things getting better for you or worse?

Are you saying to yourself, “My life is terrible, nothing ever goes right, there’s never enough money, I’m out of shape and overweight, I’m in a bad relationship”?

Or are you saying, “Life is a great adventure, I see beauty all around, money is beginning to flow abundantly into my life, I am getting stronger and healthier every day, I love my family and they love me.”

See the difference – same life, different visions of the future.

If you take time each day to propel yourself into the future you desire, image being healthy, financially secure, in great relationships, then come back to today and make decisions based on that future you’ll move yourself closer towards it.

Can you imagine tomorrow, can you imagine next week, can you imagine 6 months from now, next year, 5 years from now?  What are you doing? What do you look like? What are you wearing? Who or what type of people are in your life?   Five years from now, will you be in the same place you are now saying, “I wish I had made a change 5 years ago”?     Or will you be saying I’m so glad I took a chance.

Is what you’re doing now moving you closer to the better future? What can you do today or this week?  Research a hobby online, what can you learn about? Who can you talk to? Today you can give your kids a hug, tell your spouse you love them, smile a little more, make a dream board.  Do something-just one little thing to change your course and set sail to the destination you dream about.

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