Got Fertilizer?

There’s a story that Jesus tells about a man who owns a vineyard, every year he comes looking for fruit and for 3 years one fig tree has not produced any, so he tells the gardener to cut it down.  The gardener suggests that they give it one more year.  He tells the owner he will fertilize it and take care of it, and if it still doesn’t produce any fruit, then they will cut it down.

Are you the tree, tired and not producing anymore.  The tree did it’s thing, it produced for a number of years, now it’s done.  We sometimes feel our work is done, we’re tired of producing we feel used and unloved.  Or maybe are you the gardener, tending to everyones needs? Taking care of your family, making sure everything is everyone is happy but missing out on your own happiness.  Maybe you’re in that time where you’ve fertilized, you’ve tended, you’ve weeded out, and now you’re just waiting to see the results.  You can fertilize your finances; start saving, stop spending… you can fertilize your health; say ‘no’ to that piece of chocolate cake; you can fertilize your spiritual life and other areas as well.  A sprinkle here, a little bit there.  Taking care of, nurturing, loving, being careful not to over fertilize …and nothing happens at first…you must wait; and that’s the hard part.  You must wait to see if it bears fruit, wait to see if the tree will grow taller.  It starts out so small, a little bit of green peeking out of the dirt, but we tend to want to see big results right away and that’s not how it works…sorry ;(

It’s in that period of waiting that we feel helpless, we feel anxious, we feel restless.  We ask ourselves if we’ve done everything we could have done.  We need to have faith and patience.

Are you in that waiting period, feeling anxious, not knowing the outcome, hoping you did things just right and praying that your tree will produce the “fruits of the spirit”.  I believe that God has a plan– an awesome, wonderful plan for your life and mine.  That if you believe, if you love, nurture, and tend to the important things your tree will bear fruit and grow.  All you need is a time and patience.

Anyone want some fertilizer??


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