Inspiring thoughts (for a Monday)

Everyone has something that inspires them in bad times.  Everyone has bad days, it doesn’t matter who they are or how much money they have, there will be times when you’re feeling low.  How we react, our attitudes and our thoughts all play a role in how we feel.

What is it that helps get you through a bad day?  Maybe you have a book you like to read from, or perhaps the Bible brings you inspiration.  Even for those who are not spiritually or religiously inclined, the bible has some wonderful inspiring comments that everyone can enjoy.  Pick it up and find something uplifting.

Maybe you could just refocus your thoughts and think about something you accomplished in your past, a story or poem you wrote, a person you helped, or a friend you made.  Remember something grand you did for someone, or that someone else did for you.  Remembering a past deed or experience can lift your spirits.

Sometimes watching a movie will put you in a better mood.  Putting that movie on and watching something fun and uplifting, or something exciting and adventurous…could be enough to make you feel better.

Finally, remember you’re not alone.  Everyone has bad days.  Talk to a friend, or my favorite thing to do is pray.  I really love praying out loud in the car when I’m driving alone.   Asking God for inspiration, wisdom, courage and strength to get through whatever trial I’m going through.

What do you do to lift your spirits?  What inspires you on bad days?  I would love to know.


3 responses

  1. Praying out loud is a great way to keep the enemy away too…loudly calling on Jesus’ mighty name. It’s a great way to start a perfect day! Enjoyed your blog!

  2. Great work sally! thanks for the share!
    Watching football always puts me in a better mood.

  3. Natalya Wimotu | Reply

    Very inspiring – great blog.

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