The power of words

I would like, for a moment, for you to consider how powerful your words are.  How powerful are the words you say in prayer – to god?   The words you say to and about others, and the words you say to yourself.Image

I was in Walmart and the woman in front of me was pregnant.  She was talking to the cashier and telling her that she was having twins.  After the pregnant woman walked away, the cashier said to me, “I got pregnant once and childbirth hurt so much I said never again.  That child did nothing for my figure and nothing for my life.  Now she’s nothing but a 30 year old brat” I thought “wow, how powerful words are.”  I had a vision of this little girl being told that she had done nothing to enhance her mother’s life.  Parents, we need to be so careful about the words we speak over our children.

Are you telling your children how disappointing they are or how much of a blessing they are?

Are you telling yourself you’re too old, too young, not good enough, not smart enough , not whatever enough, or are you praising God?

Are you constantly complaining or are you thanking God for what you have?

Are you filled with anger or despair over your situation or are you reliving a past hurt over and over again in your head, or are you worshiping God?

When you shift your focus, when you allow God to dissolve away the hurtful and damaging things you’ve said and done, amazing things will begin to happen and doors will begin to open.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should not deal with your problems head on and look for solutions.  What I am saying is not to dwell on them, lift them up to God and see what Glorious solutions he will find for you.  You will notice that the right people at the right time will begin to enter your life.  Opportunities you never saw or imagined will begin to show themselves to you.  God will supernaturally begin to open doors and windows when you allow him to work in your life.

When you change your words, you change your world and the world of those around you.  And so I challenge you today to think about the words you say to others, to consider the words you say in the prayers you’re praying to God.  But, most importantly, be positive when you speak to yourself.  Trust in God to be grateful for the things in your life that bring you joy.


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  1. Right on Sally! God truly is amazing and wonderful. If only we bring everything to God in prayer… if we start with just one thing… God will show and prove Himself over and over…

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