Smell the roses…

Are you so wrapped up in the day to day activities that you are not enjoying the journey??  Are finances, work, family and worries getting you down?

Then….  It’s time to “smell the roses”!!

Hug your children, kiss your spouse, say ‘I Love You’ to family and friends.

Life is short … what are you waiting for?

Take the time to enjoy the little things; a child’s smiling face; the clouds, the different colors of nature, the music on the radio, your cat or dog curled up in your lap, the taste of the food your eating …  come on you can think of a few things that will make you smile – can’t you?

When you enjoy the little things, you’ll begin to feel a happiness and joy that will make your journey of life … worthwhile!  I love to just sit quietly and reflect on all the things that God has blessed me with in my life.

When you make life about the things that bring you happiness instead of the things that get you discouraged, you face your challenges in a whole different way.  When you change the way you look at the world —  the world around you will change.

What are some things you are enjoying ?

Slow down and enjoy the journey!


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