This summer I had the most awesome GOD experience.  For 6 weeks, my friend Debbie & I have planned and coordinated a middle school bible study.  Students going into grades 6-9 were invited to attend.    The students and some high school youth leaders came together to “open the bible”.  (BOB ~ stands for ‘Break Open the Bible).

We started with about 12-15 students and over the 6 weeks we had over 30 students attend the program.  Each week we had a different lesson.  We learned about what it means to look and be different or unique, we learned about not getting everything we want, we learned how to pray & what to say when we pray.  The students even wrote their own “BOB” prayer:

Dear God~

Thank you for bringing us here today.
Thank you for giving us wisdom, strength and guidance.
Thank you for our friends and family.
Help us to continue in your path.

We learned about the ‘Good Samaritan” and the importance of helping others.  We had a speaker from the Children’s burn came in Union, CT come and talk with the group.
(Thank you,  Don Wetmore)

     Then yesterday, the students ended the session with a live musical performance from my good friend Kristen and her friend Mike.  The students collected money from sponsors and walked to support the burn camp.

On the night of the walk, the weather was wonderful.  It was a bright clear evening as we walked to the sea wall and sandy  shore at Marnicks restaurant in Stratford.  The sky was brilliant purple and pink at sunset.  The kids climbed on the rocks, got their feet wet in the ocean waters, played Frisbee  and tossed a football around.

It was an amazing adventure.   Special Thanks to Pastor Joseph & Pastor Justin from Nichols United Methodist Church, and Darlene & Linda from Lordship church who helped us with the program.  Thank you to the parents who shared their children with us.  We learned as much from them as they did from us.    🙂

Our God is and Awesome God!!


2 responses

  1. So glad it’s going so well! Love you Sally!

  2. Excited to hear about the success of this program. God is good!

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