Be the Bee!

According to the laws of physics,  It is impossible for a bumble bee to fly, because they didn’t generate enough lift with their small wings given the weight of their bodies…

bethe bee

     There’s a children’s book about bees that explains it this way…. “When God made the bumble bee, it shouldn’t have been able to fly, but God whispered in its ear, ‘You can do it.’ The bee trusted Him, and so it flew.”  In the story, the bumble bee explained that, “Scientifically speaking, our bodies are far too big for our little wings.  We shouldn’t be able to fly.” “But bees do fly,” points out the bumble bee, “because we have the courage to do what seems impossible”.What challenges are you facing today that seem impossible.  Some people are facing financial setbacks, health issues, weight management, emotional situations, dealing with family or career…

Is God whispering in your ear?  “You can do it!”
Are you listening to him???
Is God leading you and you’re resisting change?
Are you ready to begin anew and learn to fly?
Will you stop long enough to hear god’s voice talking to you.
Taking time each day to be with God, meditate, praying “Out loud” will help to bring you closer to God and encourage you to do the impossible.
Be the Bee
Do the impossible


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