Time to take action

Sometimes we get lazy – we get caught up in the routine… We get up every morning and get out of that some old bed, eat that same old breakfast, drive to work in the same old car, come home at the same old time, watch the same old tv shows, get in that same old bed. Then you get up the next morning to do the same old thing all over again.

We can sit around worrying and complaining about our problems, or we can do something different, break our routine & search for new avenues.

It is said that God makes sure the birds have plenty to eat every day – but he doesn’t throw the worms into the nests.  They need to get out there – and the answer to your prayers are out there – are you actively looking for answers or sitting in your nest- waiting?

What are you praying for?  What do you need to happen in your life?  What problems are you facing? What dreams are you chasing? Are you searching for answers, knocking on doors, asking for help?

God wants to help you and you need to understand that there is hope, and God will guide you to a solution – but you need to get up and seek Jesus, take action, be persistent and have faith.

Perhaps you are at your wits end over a situation you’re facing; perhaps you have exhausted every possible means at your disposal and don’t know where to turn.  Whatever you need in your life today– Take action and get that need to Jesus!

When we follow Jesus – we become aware of the awesome power he possesses.  He can move a mountain, meet your needs, he can save your soul, forgive your sins, He can open doors, change your life. You name it, he can do it.

What barriers are you facing? Are you praying, seeking God about matters that trouble your heart? Have you cried out, asking him to do this or that in your life and there has been no answer?  Do you want to give up? Are you tired, frustrated, discouraged?  Let me encourage you today to be persistent!

Gods’ silence is not unwillingness on his part to meet your needs, oftentimes his silence is meant to fortify and test our faith – It makes us ask – do we really believe that God has the power to answer this prayer.  His silence along with your persistence will help determine how much you truly want or desire what you’re praying for and sometimes Gods silence reminds us that his schedule is not the same as ours.

But waiting for God to answer is often difficult especially in this ‘I want it, I can get it right now’ technology driven society we currently live in.

When you pray, when you ask for something; a need or desire … are you preparing for a harvest?  Are you anticipating that your prayer will get answered? Are you planning what you’re going to do, what you’re going to say, who you’re going to tell,  how you will feel about when it happens?  Will you be ready or will you be caught off guard?

God has the power to help you, but you need to take action, be persistent, have faith, and know that there is hope.


Today might be the day that God answers your prayers.

Today might be the day when you see that mountain moved.

Today might be the day you hear the voice of god whisper in your ear ‘ it’s going to be all right, I have taken care of it.”

Today might be the day when peace replaces pain.

Today might be the day you get the help you need.


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  1. Hello i found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I especially liked this post. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. love it.

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