count your blessings…

Let our hearts never get used to the miracles that happen around us & within us everyday. Let every sunrise, every flower, every smile, every raindrop and every child make us rejoice at the miracles in our lives.  Imagine that you are looking at the world for the first time.  Be in awe of everything you see, hear & feel.

You must learn … to accept yourself, to love yourself, to pamper yourself.

you must try … to enjoy yourself, to trust yourself, to believe in yourself.

you must be determined … to changed yourself, to educate yourself, to motivate yourself.

you must strive to … feel joy, feel happiness, feel successful, feel worthy.

And what about the miracle of being you, your thoughts, your breath, your spirit – you are exactly where you are supposed to be and you are beautiful in God’s eyes.  Stop beating yourself up and start lifting yourself up.

Discover an attitude of gratitude.  Find something to be thankful for and focus on that.  Picture things going your way.  Play your desired life- like a movie- in your head.  Declare what you want to happen.  Visualize a peaceful serene setting and smile.  Enjoy where you are right now.

Stop for a moment and enjoy this day.  Life is too short…. so stop worrying and start counting your blessings.  His love for you is more than you know or possibly could imagine.


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