You are the Light of the world

How easy is it for us to focus on our problems and descend into darkness? How easy is it, in this economy, to worry about our finances?  How easy is it to blame others, to be depressed when our relationships seem out of kilter, How easy is it to complain about our health problems?light world

But we are to be the light of the world!  We are to look to the light, to concentrate on the positive things in life.  We are to count our blessings; to thank god for the money we do have, to be grateful for the people in our life that we love, to appreciate the sunshine and the spring buds peeking out of the snow.

Are you peering down into darkness or looking up to the light.  Are you focusing on your worries or your blessings?  Because what your search for, what you focus on you will find.

hummingbirdA vulture will fly over a field and when he looks down, he sees death and destruction, he sees rotting meat; and he sees sick and dying animals that he can come back for later. He sees what was, what was past, and he finds it because that’s what he is looking for.  That’s what vultures thrive on.  However, a hummingbird will fly over the same exact field and the same exact time and see vibrant fragrant blossoms, He’ll see a field filled with green luscious plants and trees coming alive with new buds, the hummingbird is searching for what is, seeking new life and finding freshness and new blooms to visit.  Each bird finds exactly what they’re looking for.  We all do.  What are you focusing on? Are you looking at the dark side of life … or are you concentrating on what is New and Exciting?

Jesus says we are the light of the world. We were meant to shine brightly and to allow our light to be seen by others.  Do not hide or cover up your light.

Today, you have a new beginning with Christ.  Being the light will lead to greater peace, a sense of joy and a lifetime of Gods grace.  You are valuable to God – right now! And God needs you to sprinkle the world with his love and to show others how to live with his presence.


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