Ask Seek Knock


In life, we go through periods of rough patches and like the weather we will have days of sunshine and days of rain.  And like the weather- neither of these lasts forever.  The one thing that is constant is change.  What is important is how we react to the change in our life.  This passage of scripture in Luke – Jesus shows us what to do, how to react, how to get through the ups and downs, twists and turns in life.

We can rely on the spirit of God to be there for us when we need to, to comfort us when we grieve and to celebrate with us when things are going well.  So how do we call on God’s grace? We pray… We ask, we seek, we knock.  Jesus even gives us the words to say when we pray – in the Lord’s Prayer.  With prayer and meditation we call on God to move in us.

You see living requires action, we can stop and rest for a while; we can do nothing for a little while.  But eventually we need to get up, brush ourselves off and carry on.  There are times when we go through a difficult situation and when it’s over we don’t know what to do next.  Here Jesus tells us. –

Ask – Ask good questions, this is no time for a pity party – so stay away from the ‘why me’ questions.  Instead ask ‘how can I help others? Who can help me? What good has come from this situation? What can I do, that will make me happy?

Seek – Get active and do something.  Don’t just ask questions and stop, get out there and move.Lords Prayer

And finally Knock – calling on friends and neighbors.  Finding opportunities, knocking on God’s door, Whose door will you knock on? What knowledge will you seek? What questions are you asking? Because Jesus tells us that when we ask, we will receive.  When we seek, we will find.  When we knock, the door will be answered.

There are people in your life that can help you, Throughout the bible, Jesus tells us to love one another. Having people in our life that lift us up, that support us, that help us in difficult times is paramount.  We love others, we rely on them, and lean on them when we need to and in return we allow them to lean on us when they need it.

You can overcome anything. You can rise above the ashes, scars and all … because you are a child of God.  You have the tools right here in the bible to help you get through anything.  God is with you even when you feel all alone.

I encourage you to take the Lord ’s Prayer with you today, saying it throughout your day, praying it out loud or to yourself.  Saying it when things look good and when things go wrong because … there is something powerful in saying that prayer.


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