Forgiveness is NOT letting the thoughts of what
someone did to you in the past … ruin your day today.IMG_0882-0

Forgiveness, it’s something we all have to deal with. How do we handle it when someone cheats us, when someone breaks our trust or doesn’t abide by a promise made? Do we sulk? Do we get angry? Do we develop an attitude of “I don’t care” or apathy? Do we define our life by constantly looking back at what someone did to us — to the point where we can’t function today? Do we say we forgive, but hold onto the hurt and think about the wrong doing throughout the day, instead of looking at the now and living today. How difficult is it for us to let go and let God? Forgiveness is hard. Learning to let go of hurts is hard. Life is hard…

Forgiveness is about you – not the person or people who hurt you, because most of the time they’re not bothered by it, you are. However, forgiveness isn’t about looking the other way and letting someone continue to hurt you and it doesn’t mean that you have to continue the same relationships you had before. You can forgive and walk away. Forgiveness is about stopping the thoughts of being victimized and getting ourselves upset and replacing them with thoughts of love and peace and faith instead. Its about choosing to live each day anew.

When we look at forgiveness in this light, from the eyes of God, we realize the scope of the phrase, “Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins”. We see that God does not see our faults or our past when looking at us today. We discover that there is no need us to feel shame or guilt or despair. We remember that we are loved and forgiven and that the events of the past have melted away and all that we are left with is today and our future to discover. So stop dwelling on the past and stop focusing your energy on those who hurt you. Instead, focus on the blessings in your life right now.   If you choose to change your thoughts and not dwell on the past but imagine your future full of God’s blessings, you will be able to forgive. Someone once said, if we could only stop thinking, we’d have no problems…. 🙂 Remember, you can’t drive to where you want to go, if you are concentrating on your rear view mirror.

And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.  Mark 11:25


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