The Gift of Love

God inside a heartWhen Jesus was born, his birth wasn’t celebrated at the local church, he wasn’t born in a royal castle with lots of fanfare.  In fact the angels announced his birth to a bunch of shepherds – these were the guys considered to be low life’s and thieves, uneducated slugs who didn’t have the skills to find a real job.  And in addition, his birth was shown to kings and royalty.  Wise men who felt something in the world had changed and came looking for and seeking him.  God’s gift of Jesus was meant for those struggling with life – like the shepherds, and for the wealthy, those living a life of abundance who are wise enough to get up and search for him; and Jesus was born for everyone in between – that means you! His birth was a gift of Love!

The love that God gave us that precious night, is not an emotion, it is not expressed in good feelings—not even the feelings of happiness we have around Christmastime. It’s pure passion, Jesus is God’s greatest expression of love. God’s love for us in the birth of Jesus is seen in the life Jesus led, in the miracles he performed, in the prophecies and promises he fulfilled, and the words he preached.

Many times we hear the story, but we don’t feel worthy, we feel that because we don’t pray every day, or because we don’t attend church as often as we think we should, or that because we don’t feel God’s love – that he is not there.  We feel that God’s love is meant for everyone else – but not me.  I am here to tell you today that God loves you – Baby Jesus was born for you – Love is God’s gift to the world.  God’s angels are all around you both in heavenly form and in earthly form. God Lead you here today, He has been guiding you on the path of life you have already taken and God will be directing your steps as you journey through the days and weeks ahead.

God’s Gift of Love: God showed us his love by giving us Jesus. When he did, he gave us everything we would ever need. An unconditional love that motivated God to bring Jesus into the world. Not a single one of us deserves it, and in spite where we are on life’s journey or what we have done in the past we are all made new with the love of Jesus.

I want us to think about the approaching New Year as a time to remember “The Gift” that was given to us by God in Jesus.  By coming to earth, Jesus brings us — in the words of the angels, “good news of great joy that will be for all the people.”  Christmas is not about us giving or receiving presents.  Christmas is about us receiving a PERSON.  It is not about STUFF, but about our SAVIOR.  Christmas is not about parties and mistletoe, it is about giving praise and thanks to God and experiencing His gift of LOVE on earth.

Jesus was born to show us how to love ourselves and how to love each other.  Jesus is God’s gift of Love to us.


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  1. Cathy Staurovsky | Reply

    Love you and Love your blog Sally. Your message was so well done, Bob and I enjoyed hearing it in person at LCC. Loved reading it again. Such a beautiful spirited person you are. Loved meeting Pastor Jeff and Megan. See you next Sunday, with brownies!!!!
    God bless yours and everyones week!!!!

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