Gift of Light

candleI have a few houseplants, when I get new ones, I like to repot them in good soil and then make sure they get plenty of water.  But besides water and soil, plants need light – lots of light to live and grow.  If you doubt this, take your favorite plant and put in in a closet for a week and see what happens.  You know, that’s true of people too.  We need both physical light and spiritual light to grow and survive.

Light is important to our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. As you know, winter is a hard season for us in New England, not so much because of the cold and snow, but because of the lack of sunshine and light.  In the winter some of us experience a level of depression due to lack of sunlight. Many times doctors will tell us to take a trip to a warm, sunny climate! I heard about a company a couple of winters ago that actually took their company jet and filled it with their employees and all they did was fly above the clouds for a couple of hours so they could see the sun. As crazy as the idea was, the stunt actually boosted morale and performance within the company. It’s an example of how much we need light to live and light to grow.

Bringing light into our life is what Jesus does for us spiritually. When we invite Jesus into our heart – he sends his light into us and transforms us from the inside out.  The story of Jesus’s birth is about allowing him into our hearts and letting him live his life through us. Being a Christian is not a remodeling project, it is a metamorphosis, a change in who we are that happens over time.

The Bible says it this way:  “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old is gone, the new has come.”  Jesus brings light into the darkness.

God’s gift of Light, Given to us in the first chapter of the bible and again with the birth of Jesus.  A light that will overcome darkness.  You see, Jesus is still the light of the world. And the thicker the darkness, the brighter is his light!

Whatever struggles, whatever darkness is facing – remember the lessons of the light and the darkness. Darkness is only the absence of light, if you shine a light into the darkness, it will disappear.  More than that, if you hold onto the light of God through the dark times, your faith will be irresistibly beautiful to those you meet.

God gave us Jesus and God gave us the gift of Light!


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  1. Cathy Staurovsky | Reply

    Loved the gift of light you put on your blog Sally. Just what I needed to hear today. I have so much on my plate these days but you are so right. Its all darkness, but when we hold onto the light that God gives us, everything is brighter because of our faith. Thank you once again. Bob and I will see you Sunday. I have brownies for you to put out. Love you and everyone.

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