Gift of Hope

hopefaithOur lives change – we go through seasons.  Seasons where we want to cry all the time and seasons of joy, seasons of sickness and seasons of health – and it seems that while we are going seasons of hardship we wonder what will get us through, how will we survive the times of trouble and difficulties?  The Christmas story about that little baby born in the manger gives us the answer – Jesus brings us hope for tomorrow knowing that what we are going through is not permanent.  When we are facing challenges / they seem really big– don’t they? Sometimes we feel as though feels like they will never end.

But just as the angels said to the shepherds, don’t be afraid – take the time to pray with confidence and hope for a better future and an easier tomorrow.

You may say, “But look around today—there are so many people who are hurting and so much anguish in the world.  Yes, especially when you look at news reports. But God gives us hope – hope for tomorrow filled with god’s grace.  And the best way to spread this hope – is to grow right where you are planted.  To do what God wants most – show love to your neighbors, family and friends, and not only your fellow believers, but be of service and come to the aid of those whom God has placed in your path.  Help those who desperately need to hear the good news of God’s love.  When we share the Christmas story with others, we restore hope and joy and peace and light and love into the lives of those who live in darkness and have no hope.

God’s gift of Hope:  Hope for a tomorrow with fresh answers to old problems.  Hope in a world filled with patches of darkness that disappears when one person shares the light that God put inside them. Hope in knowing that your situation will change – but your god won’t.  The Christmas gifts we received several years ago have now become obsolete, but God remains current, and his gift of Jesus is always new, never changing. Jesus is the same today to those who accept him and invite him in – as he was to those who trusted him more than two thousand years ago.

God’s Gift is You!  You are the light, you are the love, you are the model for Joy and Peace, You are the hope, and you are god’s gift to the world!


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