Are you listening?

All these blessings will come upon you, and overtake you, if you listen to the LORD your God’s voice.

Deuteronomy 28:2

Do you hear it? It’s that voice in your head that some may call intuition. It guides you if you take the time to listen to it. It gives you advice. It tells you you’ve done something wrong. It leads you to call a loved one, knowing when to open up and when to be quiet … If we listen to it. Are you listening? Can you decipher your voice from Gods? 

Sit quietly and feel gods love. Sit quietly and feel the peace of this moment. Release all negative thoughts and emotions. Instead ask who loves me and who do I love. What am I doing that’s good. Give your troubles to God, let him handle them. Give your health issues to God, give your financial burdens to God,  lift up your relationship hurdles to God. Then,  sit in a state of peace, a state of joy, a state of thankfulness for your blessings. When the time is right, you will discover a solution to your troubles, then it will be time to take action in that direction. 

I like to take time each day to do this. To lift up my burdens, focus on my blessings, asking for solutions and answers. Meditation will help us hear and recognize the voice of God, and to see the hand of God moving and touching and directing our life. You will discover that people will come into your life and help you. Beautiful sunsets will appear, you will walk outside and realize that the birds are singing  just for you because no one else is listening.  When you stop and listen, God will show himself in an assortment of ways. 

I would like to share with you again a poem I’ve written:

God’s Voice

God’s voice whispers in my ear:  “Slow down”
but there is so much to do and say,
I hear:  “Sit quietly and pray.”

God’s voice whispers to my heart: “Give more”
but there is no money left to give away.
I hear: “Give first and pray.”

God’s voice whispers to my soul: “Be someone”
but it is not my fault, nothing ever goes my way,
I hear: “Stop blaming others and pray.”

God’s voice whispers in the wind: “Be the light”
but what if others don’t listen, who am i anyway?
I hear: “You are a child of God, pray.”

God’s voice whispers in the night: “Don’t be afraid”
but there are so many obstacles in my way,
I hear: “I am with you, pray.”


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