The dream


This was part of a writing challenge
and I had so much fun writing the poem
I thought I would share the results with you.
The assignment was to take 15 random words
and use them in a 15 line poem.

The words I needed to use
are underlined in my poem below:
Here is my #sillypoem

The Dream

With clouds as thick as yogurt,
Beneath the willow green,
Through my eyelids thin as paper
I had an unusual dream.

An orange kangaroo named Ron,
Was surfing with a tuxedo on.
He was on his computer and gave me a look,
Then showed me a blue and beige book.

Then I came upon a ghost named Sue,
I didn’t know what to do.
She’s sipping a coffee and eating captain crunch,
then leaned over and whispered; “Join me for lunch!”

So I staple a reminder to the tree,
And wrap myself up in my glee,
Then I woke up with cereal — all over  me ??


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