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Comfort Zone

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
by Sally Larkin Green

… There are times in each of our lives when God will call us out to do something unusual, to do something that makes us feel uncomfortable in order to make his kingdom great. You don’t have to preach sermons, or become involved in a church, all you need is a heart for God and a willingness to take action…


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Free Ebook 

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Poetry Booklet


I would like to share this poem I wrote for those who need encouragement today.


In the morning angels sing.

Tranquil notes so gently ring.

Awake, I rise from sleepy haze.

Amid a melody of praise.


Afternoon the angels play.

Follow me throughout my day.

Frolic and flutter whirling free,

Angels watching over me.


In the evening angels fly,

Dancing in the evening sky.

As my earthly day is done,

Angeltime has just begun.

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